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With new acquisitions UTM major Astaro can take on Pointsec, Aladdin and Utimaco

Jan Hichert, Astaro’s CEOAt a time when Germany’s UTM (Unified Threat Management) appliance major Astaro has intensified its operations across the globe including India, the acquisitions of two of Europe’s leading security companies, Romania’s ‘CoSoSys’ and Denmark-based ‘InspektOnline’ by it has paved the way for the emergence of yet another holistic security firm of the extent of player such as CheckPoint. The CoSoSys has widely been known as a provider of ‘end-point’ security solutions the world over. In the recent times, end-point security issue has got much attention from cyber security experts as instances of data-leaks and data-thefts have been increasing rapidly. Interestingly, CoSoSys also offers its ‘end-point’ security solutions on hardware platform which may gel well with Astaro’s innate expertise in providing security solution on hardware appliances. Also, CoSoSys brings with it highly reliable encryption technology for various compute platforms including notebooks and mobile handsets. It looks the acquisition of Romanian security company (CoSoSys) by Astaro would enhance the overall solution repertoire of the UTM major which can also compete against specialized security companies such as ‘Pointsec-CheckPoint’, ‘Aladdin-SafeNet’ and ‘Utimaco-Sophos’. While, the second acquired entity in InspektOnline which provides ‘log management’ solution entirely based on cloud is full of promise as Astaro has started focusing on Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This is to be reminded that Astaro has recently struck alliance with HCL Infosystems for offering its UTM services hosted on HCL’s datacenter (which is called O’zone cloud platform).  The technologies from both companies will play an important role in Astaro’s product strategy in 2011, as Astaro can integrate these two solutions in its security suite, increasing its customers’ level of security with the usual quality and ease of use.
Sunil Sapra, Regional Director for India & South Asia for Astaro“Due to the lagging economy many technology companies decided to pull back on development and innovation in 2009,” said Jan Hichert, Astaro’s CEO. “We decided to take the opposite approach, making investments resulting in three completely new products in 2010. Both Astaro RED and Astaro Wireless Security have met an urgent demand in the market, and Astaro Mail Archiving has opened our portfolio to the large market of hosted services. Also due to these new products we gained significant market share and grew faster than the market, which will allow us to further invest in the expansion of our product portfolio.”
Sunil Sapra, Regional Director for India & South Asia for Astaro said, “It gives us immense pleasure to announce the acquisitions of CoSoSys and InspektOnline. We continue to invest in enhancing functionalities of our UTM core products and new technology areas like endpoint protection and log management. We’re sure that our partners and customers will greatly benefit from our investments.  On top of this, the growing investments of Astaro in India in resources is a market-driver to make 2011 an exciting year for all of us.”




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